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How to Keep Traffic Coming to Your Blog While on Vacation

Are You Afraid Your Blog Traffic is Going to Suffer if You Take Time Off?

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Vacation or Blog - Can You Do Both?

Keeping a blog and maintaining blog traffic is a commitment that should be taken seriously. If you want readers to keep coming to your site you need to keep posting. Many people are afraid to blog for this very reason.

Blogging does not need to take hours upon hours every day for you to make an impact, however it does take a commitment to make sure that your articles are posted once, or twice, a week; promoting your blog by sharing it and networking with others. This is crucial for keeping you blog traffic up.

So how can you take a vacation then? Here are some tips to keep your blog going:

8 Key Tips to Keep Blog Traffic Going While You are on the Go

1. Write And Schedule Your Posts In Advance

This is a great idea even if you are not going on vacation because it frees up a lot of your time! Schedule a few days a month and this doesn’t have to be consecutive days, to write your articles. Once you have an article written, schedule it out. This ensures that your blog traffic will still be coming.

If you are a beginner blogger, I would suggest scheduling articles about 3 times a week. Once you start to see that you have a following, schedule back to once or twice a week. This works great for vacation time, but I love to do this all the time. I often schedule out for a week or two after I come back so that I can unwind before getting back into the grind of life.

2. Sync Up All Of Your Social Networks

A blog that is social media integrated is perfect for this. Once your post appears, at the mere push of a share button it goes to your social media sites.

For Twitter, you can use a tool like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to schedule out your tweets. This can also include tweets of your posts as they published.

For LinkedIn, include the Twitter application on your profile as well as your blog. This is great for your connections to see your posts and tweets in real time.

For Facebook, your articles can automatically be posted when they are published from your blog. The only downside to this is that you aren’t able to personalize your Facebook posts and they aren’t posted to your Facebook page, just your profile page. The only way around this is when your profile page is your Facebook page, but that is a totally different subject.

Using all these techniques will help your blog traffic.

3. Promoting Others

This can still be done while you are away on vacation through Twitter by using Hootsuite or Tweetdeck. This will keep you active with others by still being able to share their content by scheduling it. This is great so that people do not forget about you.

4. Have Guest Bloggers

You can do this 2 ways: (1) Ask guest bloggers to submit articles to you early, so that you can schedule them out or (2) use a system, like Unique Article Wizard, WordPress Robot or Ezine Directories to find articles that are of interest and schedule those out. This is a great way to feature new content for your followers, but will not count as unique content for SEO. However, your blog traffic will not suffer.

5. Promote Old Posts

You can schedule old post to Facebook and Twitter. There is a great chance that people have not read them yet, especially if your following has grown. This will help keep people connected to you and can even increase your blog traffic.

6. Keep in touch with Your Status

Even when you are away, everyone looks at their emails. Make it a point to look at your comments and status to see if there is anything that needs your attention. Having it connected to your phone is a time saver but if not, go to an internet café, they are everywhere around the world.

7. Know When Are the Peak Times to Post

Promote your content and post your new articles during your peak times to get better results from your efforts.  Use Timely to learn your best times to publish your tweets.  Likewise, use Clicky to know your blog’s peak traffic hours and to know your best times to promote your content through Stumbleupon.  If you’re going to spend time online while traveling, try to do it at the time you have the maximum impact.

8. Must Blog While on Vacation

If you truly must blog while you are on vacation, try to keep it as simple as possible. Write while you are on the road and edit your picture so that are ready to upload. When you do get to the internet café, all you will need to do is copy, paste and upload. Make it simple and quick so that your time is used wisely. This is especially helpful if the internet café has poor connection.

Remember Enjoying Your Vacation Will Not Decrease Your Blog Traffic

Take time to relax and enjoy yourself! You will feel energized and have a positive outlook when you get back home. All of this will be reflected in your blog and that will keep your blog traffic coming.

This should give you a great start to your enjoy your vacation and keep your readers engaged. If you would like to work with me, fill out the contact form and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Let’s enjoy blogging together!

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  • Kevin McGrath:

    Hello Ginny Toll,

    Happy New Year to you & Craig !

    Another good article. I hope to some time soon develop a basic webpage and Internet presence.

    Looking forward to the New Year and its possibilities !

    Kevin McGrath, M.E. I

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